Independent and lone independent watchmakers

"No one can manipulate the time, the only thing we can do is to allow time to flow better. "Independent watchmakers with originality and potential life tells us: behind the cold case, not just rotating Tourbillon, more on showing independent watchmakers of extraordinary imagination, sophisticated world of the senses.

At present, about 50 people eminent independent watchmakers, loving man sought after watch the late 50 France as practitioners of the new wave, called independent watchmakers for "adventure of the great artists", they made their own movement, it is the independence of their distinguished from commercial brands and those movements. They think: each table only reflects the individual's unique talent, not mass production, never followed trends. Of course, independent tabulation reflects the wearer is not business as usual, the trait of courage to break the rules.

Master falanmule Franck Muller)

Independent and lone independent watchmakers

Franck Muller

This is a hundred percent Switzerland made watch brand. Master falanmule Franck Muller) in 1991, jointly established with Mr Vartan Sirmakes by its name of watchmaking companies, and just more than 10 years, became one of the most important in the world of Haute Horlogerie company. Franck Muller originally wanted to become a tile making craftsmen, then found their interest in clocks and more, turned into the watch-making school of watchmaking in Geneva. He expanded the limits of Haute Horlogerie, barrel-shaped body, exaggerating the scale of numbers features, watch occupies an important place in the historical development.

Franck until now did not choose to join the big labels, but nothing on their own. He created his own brand of Geneva aim to do the most sophisticated watch, and now, Franck Muller could be called was Switzerland's best complicated watch brand. AETERNITAS MEGA form, due to its unique of its research and development 25 complex function and becomes the world's most sophisticated Tourbillon watches, and tri-axial Tourbillon initiative was amazing, and then Crazy Hour series. Law arranged completely upset the number on the dial clockwise, jumping hour hand in order to give unlimited imagination and fun.

Franck Muller Revolution3

Independent and lone independent watchmakers

This is the world's first patented tri-axial Tourbillon Watch has structure, will resist the pull of gravity design extends to the three shafts, have been pushed to the limits of the technology.

Franck Muller Giga-encrusted Tourbillon watches

Independent and lone independent watchmakers

Giga-encrusted Tourbillon watches in 2012, the world exhibition of Haute Horlogerie WPHH) Grand entrance, dazzling brilliant diamonds set off an impressive complex of functional design, also visually emphasize the inversion of movement apparatus. Cintr eCurvex bucket case Giga Tourbillon dial and case encrusted with diamonds, to match the industry eagerly watch masterpiece.

Franck Muller Giga rounded hollow out Tourbillon watch

Independent and lone independent watchmakers

Franck Muller published in the 2012 world of Haute WPHH) glory for the first time published Giga rounded hollow out Tourbillon watch. Giga rounded hollow out Tourbillon watch design is the core of a diameter of 20 mm, Tourbillon dial half area packaging. Round contour lines and hollows out the details, its dissemination of exquisite classical atmosphere. Among them, the movement in an inverted manner into the internal table on the dial side of the bridge, the clock setting and chain mechanism located on the barrel surface, the clock is placed above the minute hand.

Grald Clerc

Independent and lone independent watchmakers

Rald Clerc g informed, passion for design, a nickname his masterpiece as "futuristic Haute Horlogerie". He fascinated everyone emphasizes progress, full of optimism and confidence of the 60 's, as the conquest of space since ancient times, the great adventure. When the fourth generation successor in 1997 to take over the family business, he inherited to the professional watchmaking in addition, also have a dedicated to the watch industry. The legacy that these subtle, gave birth to numerous outstanding watch design and innovative technology, to grab his inspiration, established its position as a pioneer in watchmaking of tomorrow.

He works a lot with mechanical technologies, is synonymous with traditional; he is designed to follow a code of conduct, is the pursuit of innovation. Clerc each watch will be designed as a unique work of art, in the process of actively upgrade the quality wouldn't budge. As e g rald Clerc put it: "I just design, not to compromise any factors. "Haute Horlogerie sector, there are very few people with this type of free will, on the road to a unique style. Independent ideas will be relegated to the secondary commercial constraints, rather from the heart line, focusing on beauty and perfect technique, throwing behind business strategy. Instructions of this principle, produced the watches naturally meet Switzerland tabulating the highest standards in the industry.

Clerc Hydroscaph Limited Edition automatic Chronograph Watch Daily a large complex HIV BVLGARI Bulgari watches

Clerc Hydroscaph Limited Edition automatic Chronograph Watch

Clerc Hydroscaph Limited Edition automatic Chronograph Watch

Hydroscaph ideas covering a wide range of limited edition automatic Chronograph Watch. First of all, its unique highest Switzerland watch standards and hand-assemble Clerc C608 automatic winding movement built-in Central display, high-tech original short-time timer function to play. Lateralization is not difficult to watch small-and replaced them with a stopwatch to match Central minute hand. This original 60 minute timer display make sure time is possible to read, whether on land or in the dark deep sea features such as a. Mechanical movement beating at 4 Hz frequency 28,800 vibrations per hour), and is also responsible for driving position when the hour hand and minute hand, 3 small seconds hand, 6 o'clock position of the 24 hour day/night display of the calendar display and the 9 o'clock position.

Like modern art, Clerc had a report on technical or aesthetic obsession, not second, this belief can be found in Hydroscaph Limited Edition automatic Chronograph Watch's unique design. At 2 o'clock and 4 o'clock chronograph button style within the broad hollow, both with a side pole as the pivot, lever function to play in under pressure, principles like piano keys. This sophisticated ergonomic structure ensures that the watch easy to use, to easily and accurately control the starting, stopping, and resetting the timer. Rubber moulded parts made of stainless-steel Crown has been redesigned, gripping easier, smoother operation.

Peter Speake-Marin

Independent and lone independent watchmakers

Peter Speake-Marin Peter) was an Englishman, was interested in jewelry manufacturing, but was fascinated by the art of watchmaking and its mechanics. In 1996, Peter returned to Switzerland, to prominent Renaud et Papi facF and Ma?tres du Temps, Peters ' work is traditional watchmaking paid tribute to by representatives, the collection of valuable work experience in the past for today's Watch provides some unique products in the market. Peter said: "I watch is not aimed at today's sales figures, the watch's true value lies in its experience is even stronger than before the time change.

Peter Speake Marin Serpent Calendar

Independent and lone independent watchmakers

As Switzerland Peter Speake Marin independent watchmaker brand's flagship model one of the most successful, Serpent's unveiled, a new Serpent Calendar. This paragraph wrist table except retained Serpent extraordinary of both features zhiwai, more equipped with has new of movement, and dial, and table shell and Serpent pointer, addition more unique of brand features including bent blue steel date pointer; multilayer Flash dial; round table shell and automatically Eros 1 movement provides five days power store,, are to perfect rendering, more makes it became a paragraph elegant luxury, and classic eternal of table paragraph.

"The Serpent is the first calendar I made watch, it's timeless classic, as one of the representative Peter Speake Marin," Peter Speake-Marin, founder of the Peter Speake Marin says: "the original idea was actually very simple, Pocket Watch of the inspiration goes back more than a century ago, it bent the pointer indicates whether date, and distinguishes the hour pointer. New Serpent Calendar brings classic design the new look of the new image.

Fran-ois-Paul Journe

Independent and lone independent watchmakers

Francois-Paul Journe from age 14 began studying manufacturing clocks, 18th century Abraham-Louis Breguet and watchmakers such as Antide Janvier history as he opened the door to watch love. "Those masters and resources can be established under the condition of limited success, to my great desire. "Journe said in an interview, he was 20 years old when he began to make his first Tourbillon Pocket Watch, for the sake of independence, he set up his own workshop in Verneuil area, where he was commissioned by a group of collectors, began its unique watch-making. He learned how to salute the clocks history, through the exploration of history, carefully developed excellent innovative timepieces and take this to the great watchmaker's utmost respect of moral values.

Journe obtained numerous awards and made him long and hard research and development process has been a real inspiration. Senior timepiece brand was soon noticed his talent and invited him to research and create a unique movement, such as the famous clock "Sympathique" is his masterpiece. As one who does not belong to any consortiums of independent watchmaking brands, only 30 years of watchmaking F.P. Journe in industry is unique: annual only 800 gold; each gold F.P.Journe wrist table used of movement are to 18K gold carefully casting, all wrist table table shell are to most precious of metal tory work, the plant is located in Switzerland another watchmaking town of Locke Le Locle), specifically for Audemars Piguet manufacture and develop high complexity can watch has now reverted to owned by Audemars Piguet. Renaud et Papi years of factory work, Peter mastered the manufacturing technology of complicated watches, and their development of a dual wheel system of hand-made Tourbillon pocket watch. In 2000, Peter left Renaud et Papi factory, in Geneva Gen ve) and Lausanne Lausanne) between the small town of Rolle set up his own watchmaking workshops, establish a brand named Peter Speake-Marin and the hand-made Tourbillon Pocket Watch become treasures of the town square, named The Foundation Watch. Speake-Marin design of the case known as The Piccadilly, late pickup in London because Peter thought he spent years on the road, remains the most influential in their working life. This time Peter learned a lot of different methods of the previous tab stop, he will be one of the best applications to their own watch design.

Gradually, the altar from the fame to Peter at the international table, many watchmakers to favor them, I very much appreciate his watchmaking talent and creativity. Worked with brands including: such as Harry Winston, MBPlatinum gold and the 18K red gold) casting; and dial Shang printing some-Invenit et Fecit-invention and manufacturing) words is marks brand of produced full by F.P.Journe itself design, and development and the manufacturing out, never with relies on dealer of support Since the brand has so far insisted on "a table a watchmaker" of the production process.

F.P.Journe factory in Geneva, is located in a building built in 1892, an area of 2000 square meters located in the Plainpalais in buildings. In this building, watch designer, watchmaker and associated level of technical staff to work harder to create the Observatory chronometer. All of F.P.Journe watches in 9 parts of this plant's own production.

F.P.Journe Chronometre a Resonance

Probably 18th century France watchmaker Antide Janvier made of the resonance chronometer inspired F.P.Journe, in 1999, he created the world's first watch Chronometre a Resonance resonance Observatory. Wristwatch installed two sets of escapement and balance wheel movement. Journe resonance point by adjusting the machine, making two separate balance has the same frequency, so that the two movements remain the same and stable frequency. Two balance due to the rate instead, you can have good shock-absorbing effect and to ensure a high degree of precision watches. F.P.Journe spent 20 years from 21 years time, to apply the resonance to this watch. Thank you for this amazing watch 20 years time is not only the principle of setting, his greatest challenge is to place this device in just 36 mm case.

Richard Mille

RM001 since the 2001 launch of the first watches to date, independent watchmaker Richard Mille has become the new darling of the billionaire's collection of works. As the world's leading mechanical watch brand Richard Mille, a revolutionary technology, developed the most sophisticated Tourbillon watch is famous in the world.

Richard Mille himself, the tables and cars such as the life of man, and all his fun in work and leisure are concentrated in the car and watch the two seem irrelevant things. He was F1 's spirit and elements into his understanding of tab stops to. Shock of Richard Mille watches inspiration and inspiration for function selection keys are derived from the motor, and the watch's function select keys is Richard Mille's original technology. Richard Mille watches fashion atmosphere, sense of science and technology, and features complex and comprehensive but there are substantial light like a F1 car in General, even complex watches Tourbillon is no bloated and wear very comfortable. However, Richard Mille's production is small, sometimes years to launch a series. His explanation for this is: "I collect cars rather than watch, because my wife won't let me have a lot of passion, so I can give you no extra watches.

Richard Mille RM 018 Tourbillon watches

This is the Richard Mille RM 018 watches developed in conjunction with baoshilong. Among them, Richard Mille offers the movement and case, Dragon offers jewel-encrusted treasure poems. 18K Platinum material and RM018 manually wound movement, power reserve 48 hours. Richard Mille RM 018 watches fashion atmosphere, sense of science and technology, and features complex and comprehensive but there are substantial light like a F1 car in General, even complex watches Tourbillon is no bloated and wear very comfortable. However, all Richard Mille watch's production is small, sometimes years to launch a series. Richard Mille's explanation for this is: "I collect cars rather than watch, because my wife won't let me have a lot of passion, so I can give you no extra watches.

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