Benefit match vintage style o o

Whitney mix vintage style editor good pink Joker first

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Hui Sina micro-blog: @ Whitney Mary micro-credit: amhuier

end Great

This match is like today, floral shirts rarely wore, but met for the first time, so today is smug mix show, huh, Vero Moda Shoppe into. Quite comfortable pants are thick, because I was afraid of the cold, white Joker. Shoes are bright spots, more retro feel, stylish small pointed, not high, walking was not a bit tired feet, skin is really soft, pick is pink, this time wearing just the right, hahaha, although a nude pink, but this style is very versatile

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Used to be a glass of wine, let us cry after the lost past is a drug, we used to heal memories.

Beautiful, pain, have settled in the past, only a few faint pieces left, hangs in the lonely hearts empty.

Do not dwell in the past, and don't be afraid of the future, and along the way, not to reject change,

We lost only a short, we pursue forever.

Recent weather is very strange, while more than 20 degrees, then back to 10 degrees, more than 10 degree temperature difference between night, and was not used to, very easy to catch a cold, Oh, we must reduce notice to add clothing, HA

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