Summer water fun reading modern Beach tips

Summer water fun reading modern Beach tips

Silky blue silk tops and white hot pants, mature sexy style emerging. Again with a flaming chain embellishment of stones, natural resort style comfort.

Printed jumpsuit to show millions of warm tropical, styling and beautiful without losing comfort. Went to sea water, think of the Bikini match at inside, subtle sexy should not be underestimated. Chinese new year is approaching staying up late

Who says only bikini babes on the beach, Lady all the chicks are also acting on small tips. Stylish jumpsuit White Knit Shirt, sunscreen can reduce the sense of shame and exposure.

Tank vest is essential in summer hot item this summer, also without its shadow. Black vest with white lace hot pants and leisure style, seemingly casual but exudes a different kind of sexy.

Play dress up modern secret beach sexy summer fashion with a

If you are not ready, then take advantage of this summer's first hit, had to attack to win. Sexy? Lively? Still cute? If you still have no idea, may wish to follow the pace of the series, a taste of fashionistas cool water dressed up

Rising temperature in the summer season, we wanted to go to the beach getting the mood is growing up. Playing with water "taste"

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