Fashionable heat wave hits the cool Guide to short sleeve shirt

Recently the weather heats up, the Sun is in the sky. Many places at once as if into the summer maximum temperatures reached 29 degrees, purporting to be from the closet pulls out of your returning to the short sleeve shirt.

Have you ever thought, also wore short sleeves, eyebrows City boy and overlooked passers-what's the difference? In fact, in addition to its own conditions, any clothing tips for wearing and not overstep minefields, carefully handle these details will add lustre to the appearance and temperament of your color.

Cool Guide to short sleeve shirt

Short sleeve shirts both in colour, style is the material can be described as diverse, collocation methods also vary due to differences in tastes and preferences, we don't need to comment on personal tastes, too, which plurality and difference, after all, is most essential State of fashion. Here just wanted to summarize some short sleeve shirt and matching common law, to those who attempt to elevate their self-image and struggling to find effective ways of men is not a useful reference.

Tip 1: fit Styling edgy shedding comb and hair do not match

Cool Guide to short sleeve shirt

And a long-sleeved shirt, fit is most important and the most important rule. Not only clothes show the length to fit even the length and width of the sleeve is as appropriate as possible, sleeves and retaining one refers to the width of the arm is the best State. For the clothes that fit the most capable, if you figure good enough, sexy scent accentuates.

Tip 2: materials

Cool Guide to short sleeve shirt

The summer heat, sweat more, the choice of shirt to focus on lightweight, breathable material. Poplin short sleeve shirt is a good choice of material, not only detailed texture, smooth and shiny, and breathable, can be reduced to a large extent gentlemen "get wet" awkwardness.

Tip3: patterns

Cool Guide to short sleeve shirt

Pastel, candy-color, color, why not try one or two pieces of the short sleeve shirt closets became more lively and bright? If the situation allows, put on a "bright" clothes can make you feel different moods.

Cool shirt short sleeve shirt with short sleeves guide guide to modern material mix

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