Liu Hao Tan song FA rhyme Kiss Nothing to Nana you have so many nice bag

Nana mix bags handbags rivet backpack Shell brand

It is 16 years old, my parents and sorghum, the aunt sent a few bags and what can it not do?

OK ~ flower fairy is now going to feel ...

Wang bagsFirst pair of high heels in my life is given by Lin Ching-hsia, and Gucci

In addition to paying your own, don't forget o loves her Nana and a bunch of sorghum and

Taiwan media have helped before ouyangnana statistics, since its entry, Nana's income in three) Oh, auntthese two years add up to almost 20 million. So girls handbags buy like at their own expense, the problem was not too

In fact, these big quarterly will send out handbags are quite limited. And judging from the complex measure, there are so many different styles and positioning of brands like Nana's handbag? Is not realistic. According to various official and Grapevine, is flower fairy can be recognized, the stars most of the handbags are privately purchased, unless and individual brands have deep cooperation, or lady who is not higher.

So, young Nana can have so much coveted designer handbags, where exactly is it? The answer is simple: buy

ERIKA CAVALLINI clamshell Messenger bag 365USD Black bag, but from the line card design, some of it really is relatively mature luxury.

Flower fairy love the handbag green, head and sale)

"So many beautiful handbags, exactly where?

From fashion brands near the pet to Nabi to the various beauty brand, ouyangnana in mixed fashion really called a wind. However, if you think of Nana's handbag brand brought, it would have been too young too sampleuckle and green mix together a sense of mystery, very strong. However, Accordion and a relatively thin layer of insulation design make this bag capacity is relatively small, so the girl likes to fit a lot of things in bags is well prepared AngCousin Liu handsome styling of the same leather jacket paired with this Girl Bag, seems to be quite a fan of, but should only supermodel fan ...

Daily mix, flower fairy go think this bag is more appropriate there are blogger, Aimee Song this boho look. Tweed texture and relatively casual lazy styling makes this handbag more harmonious in their matching boho dress, method of element are also easier to take control.

6.BVLGARI Serpenti Forever shoulder bag

The Bulgari diagonal packages should be their most popular handbags, succinct style accompanied by the iconic snake head clasp, recognition is also very high. However, the head element is making handbags look a little too mature. Na than this is pink, but still exude the feel of a light well.

Is this same bag, King Ling Yong Kun Sao to match a leather dress, apparent age and temperament fit a lot

Nana's body, is quite rare in non-professional players. Here's a professional skater


DESMO rivet bag 1562CNY Cough ... Understand what it is collagen for sale)

5.CHANEL Girl Bag

This girl bag is definitely Chanel to pick a bag. Na than with a black leather jacket and a white Tee and skinny jeans, which echoes the thongs of leather jackets and bags, casual style of dress and handbag was same. Back a bag back so hard without any errors, Nabi's clothes is very good

MCM same schoolchild, Ni Ni's obvious that look chic than Nana's advanced a lot. A lot of people recommend classic as a big bag of choice for getting started, but huaxian really wanted to advise you one: orders need to be cautious, explosions hit the shirtp>Children of God also have a Valentino Rockstud handbag, handbag style is relatively mature, features also bulk are indeed very hot Mama can meet the demand.

What this set with strong rivets white hundred envelopes package of more neutral handsome, suits her very British style of dressing, but limitations of the mix slightly stronger.


MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS shoulder bags 3700CNY

Fan bingbing is LV Alma's loyal fans, howevboutique is available for sale and the official website) Plant s classic match don t go thirsty skin in

3.Celine Box bag

Celine box bag is so popular is a handbag, no shiny logo but minimalist design is still the high atmosphere. Nana, this red is the color of the bag is very popular, in fact, apart from black and white camel, red is also a color handbag is very versatile.

Ming XI, this Royal blue box paired with a Fendi fur pendant, becomes lively and playful as a whole. On the color scheme, using shades of blue shapes, echoing box bag-and Fu shoes, a design school that temperament is more concentrated.

Dan also back the bag, however, her body still boast of the flower fairy ... Black box mix with Golden buckle, duly completed retro handbags. And looking back at Dan's modern sportswear, how to look how to handbag doesn't match. Although black handbag Joker, but the design still needs to pay attention to details.


Furla Metropolis mini Messenger bag 298USD er, this is large on her hand. If you don't have a fan ye's height, such big size shell packs had better not try, will be short.

Rihanna is back this Alma, but she is a sale)

4.MCM Stark rivet Pack

MCM backpack is one of their most famous, of course, but also a treasure a proliferation of delivery of a package ... Go Nana this sportswear a backpack is no problem, just pack rivets punk, and so casual a casual fit is a bit awkward.

Well, MCM rivets backpack really magic, fairy sister l is also a ... And so on, fairy sister Chin is quite meat ehssic checkerboard pattern. Brown Plaid shell package compared to fan bingbing and Nana's two relatively old, but still very classic style, so there is this one girl, still to start.

Kate spade New York arm package 2350CNY Although this package only mini size, interior space is plentiful, cell phones, small cosmetic bag, mini micro all in it is not a problem Na than denim dress pink shell Pack on his back, sunny and playful. Flower fairy loves shell package, in addition to its style of Joker, the most important is the capacity is big enough

Although there were only 16 years old, bboutique is available for sale and the official website)

2.VALENTINO Rockstud backpack

Valentino rivets is definitely the brand one of the most recognizable elements, compared to her home "net red standard" shoes, flower fairy thanks Nana chose the less sought after schoolchild. However, the cool rivet topped na than two doll pendant style is also a bit Claire Roberts. Fashion regardless of right or wrong, you enjoy it better myselfut ouyangnana has a big bag of really a lot. From LV, Chanel into Celine, Bulgari, each paragraph so that the flower fairy watering ...


Shell bag as a favorite of flower fairy bag shape, must push here

Ouyangnana package, I want every one

Don't know if wearing clothes and art communicates, "musical genius" NA than taste in fashion seems to be superior. Celine from LV shell package box, are practical and versatile, Xiao NI picked taste really good

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