Them by a mile faster United States Kentucky Apple Pay

Them by a mile faster United States Kentucky Apple Pay

Apple Pay Apple every iPhone users that have supported this feature can not wait to go out and find a place to brush up, early beta tweets, circle of friends in the blueprint is an advertisement for Apple Pay for free. KFC recently announced that the United States some stores now supports Samsung and Apple Pay Pay and other services. OtterBox Note 4 Cases

At home, Apple Apple Pay to open beta in several of the reporters on the first day in Zhongguancun, the nearby Kentucky Fried chicken "try brushing" success, the whole payment process is very simple, and the beta a few months later in Beijing's KFC is now almost everyone can use this payment method, but in the United States is only beginning to support.

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In China, you can find big and small chain restaurants are beginning to support Apple Pay to pay, just to see the Cup Flash flag can brush, steps easier than credit card or directly. Different from the KFC domestic hot, in the United States of KFC's presence is very low, so that domestic users, the service experienced by walking in front of them.

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