German Company Issue New Smart Phone

Germany VW (Volkswagen) executives said the company is working on a smart phone and other mobile services on demand, in order to win in these future revenues "substantial share". Discharge after the scandal, the company is implementing the strategy.

Following last week's announcement after Gett to cab firms invested $ 300 million, Volkswagen on Wednesday (June 1) and signed a cooperation agreement with the Agency. Volkswagen last year revenue of 213 billion euros (US $ 237.9 billion).

Chief Executive Mullen (Matthias Mueller), through cooperation with Gett business model can be formed, in the fast-growing car market into the car, luxury cars, and taxi services. By 2025 in the European car market alone could generate 10 billion euro revenue, and grew more than 30% each year. Jeremy Scott iPad Mini Case

"In the future, our core products will be more than just a car," Mullen said. "Our core products, our commitment to our customers, will be mobile.

Company sources said that Volkswagen's new business strategy to be published next month, and efforts to enhance accountability and accelerated development, focused on strengthening the investment in electric vehicles, new technology and mobile services.

But VW's competitors are also not without action. Toyota said last week it would invest better cab service provider step General Motors to step the main United States rival Lyft invested 500 million US dollars.

Trade agreement more and more reflects global trends show that large numbers of consumers choose not to buy a car, but by mileage or time charge to purchase transport services by car the automakers desperately wants to avoid the wave of bystander.

Volkswagen and Gett declined to disclose financial terms of the agreement. Jeremy Scott iPad Mini Case

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