6688 Surface Pro 4 tonight opening scheduled

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Granville front network October 26 message, today, Microsoft in Beijing official held first Microsoft technology Assembly Microsoft Ignite China), Microsoft company Senior Deputy President, and Microsoft big Chinese District Chairman and CEO He Lefu Ralph Haupter) in speech in the official announced, Microsoft its history most thin most light, and more strong and can replaced notebook computer of flat Surface Pro 4, country line version will Yu October 27 morning official open pre-sale.

Microsoft Official Mall has started advertising the Surface Pro 4 upcoming information, model numbers and pricing, according to information on the current network official unmarked), County provides four alternative models for the time being, and the US version currently has 10, each edition is a new Intel's sixth-generation Skylake microarchitecture of Core Duo processors. As follows: Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus Case

RMB-6688: Intel Core Duo M3 + 128GB + 4GB memory storage space

RMB-7388: + 128GB + 4GB Intel Core i5 processor memory storage space

RMB-9688: + 256GB + 8GB Intel Core i5 processor memory storage space

RMB-13388: + 256GB + 16GB Intel Core I7 processor memory storage space

As for the "Intel Core I7 + 16GB + 512GB-memory store", "Intel Core I7 + 16GB + 1TB-memory storage" as well as "Intel Core i5 + 16GB + 512GB-memory store" Hat version of the model is not yet available, is expected to soon officially last. I can confirm is that Surface Pro 4 brand new keyboard cover priced at 988 Yuan, and the new Surface Pen stylus for 448 Yuan.

6688? Surface Pro 4 tonight opening scheduled

Compared to Surface Pro 3, the performance increases Surface Pro 4 3, 5 faster than MacBook Air, increase in the memory and storage options, you can select the memory capacity of up to 16GB 00equivalent to twice times the three generations), and a maximum capacity of 1TB SSD solid state hard drives up to 512GB before), the lowest initial capacity to 128GB start.

Addition, Surface Pro 4 in also of fuselage size Shang plug into has more big of 12.3 inches screen resolution, from zhiqian industry standard of 2160 x 1440 pixel upgrade to has 2736 x 1824 pixel, screen pixel increased has 6, and screen size and resolution of increased, and no let Surface Pro 4 became more heavy, from 800g reduced to has 786g,Core M3 of based version even for more light of 766g.

Microsoft also joined the screen with a special "PixelSense" technology, known as identified in the screen of the fingers, hands and other objects, even objects by pixel can recognize touch screen and for immediate processing and interpretation of information, further optimization is a finger or the stylus on the screen input experience.

6688? Surface Pro 4 tonight opening scheduled

Accessories stylus and keyboard once again upgraded Type Cover once again was redesigned, still is the thinnest full size backlit mechanical keyboard, but use the chocolates floating Island Press layout, shortened key travel type reaction increased sensitivity, mute have been enhanced. And increases the 4 of part glass trackpad, built-in special hand sensors to prevent accidentally touch activated there should be action, and support the five-touch, more Windows can be used more than 10 multi touch gestures.

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Surface Pen upgrade considerably to triple before pressure sensitive levels from 256 to 1024, new digital Eraser, the overall experience more natural writing and painting. And the new Surface Pen support to replace the pen tip, support with Windows built-in applications and 10 for more interaction.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is not available on the official website of the reservation entrance, is expected after the 0 o'clock in the evening.

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