Male casual wear wearing the wrong fan reduced to begging on the street van

Perhaps he positioned himself is living in the city "Dervish", every day a lot of way to go, so shoes have sturdy; pay no attention outside every day, because the heart is the most important. But ladies and gentlemen Please note that in any case, the clothing is your first card, which was also printed with others that you respect and disdain, so "Dervish" route unacceptable, it is not difficult to wear casual clothes, why should we self-destruct like Reeves to the point?

Error: casual provoked trouble Beauty world top men s lead you Huan

Open chest shirts feels is a just after drinking drunk, in the leisure to blame, more relaxed the more mastery of detail. Baggy pants is an absolute disaster, no difference in the dusty, Farrell and construction workers. If wide shirt, then the jeans with the relatively fit; if you want to wear loose trousers, then work to reduce upper body contours, so that it would look good.

Error: the dress is too casual

As head of the Gucci men's fragrance endorser, Franco embarrassed as slovenly as it once was. But progress progress, Franco was still wearing the wrong clothes. Shirt shirts, mix spirit is there, but don't take the pattern and layer by layer looks really very hot very cumbersome; Franco wear walking shoes to participate in the Festival activities are important, but to cross people cannot be accepted.

Hey Jude Law is known to wear, and he replaced the worn Cotton Tee with elastic grey Tee, rolled up his pants and then replaced the clunky hiking shoes lace shoes.

Regardless of which route you dress like bias, are not recommended for you to face image, keep your face clean is the first step for the entire image is more like it. Efron break shirts don't have to plug into your pants, in theory this will give people a feeling of lethargy, but Efron with a clean face to restore many images, plus jeans, got into a young, casual fashion can be very simple, see how you match up.

Casual casual wear male casual hiking shoes on the streets a Dervish mix

The Virgo male Hollywood stars from wearing traces of people don't see a bit of a perfectionist, once the screen image has long been the body styling was destroyed a mess. No trim beard he drooped, Xu Hu's few male stars, unkempt, like Reeves as its growth, it is estimated that one of his

Don't think that leisure is all about "relaxed and casual" wear the feel is sloppy enough business men, dresses look and feel you may have been overly sharp. How casual dress is very fail? Watch Keanu Reeves you'll see.

1. no trimming beard

2. a dirty t-shirt

Black suit should have been bright spots, and pair with a dirty t-shirt, make people think he was give a bad taste, casual wear is such a disaster was sloppy results.

3. the torn white bag Pack

Then look at Keanu Reeves white bag package, at first glance very green and very fashionable, but it put together, so that he looked like going begging down tramp.

4. the unbearable shoes

More unbearable and Reeves shoes really make out in the city wear hiking shoes man what was going on in his head

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