Follow the catwalk trends celebrity teach you morph hair beauty

Shine down along the hair flowing in the wind, is how many men never fading romantic images. That without a world role of pure and Frank were vividly rendered by straight hair. Simple yet lively, quiet yet mellow, I'm afraid this is why long hair is a timeless classic. But the seemingly simple straight hair can change, different shape also can send out a different flavor. In this quarter, the hair was still popular, follow the stars to do a straight hair beauty.

Follow the catwalk trends celebrity teach you morph hair beauty

1, long straight hair

We have found some clues in the show background, absolutely dominant straight long hair, sparkling eye makeup match in long straight hair restrained, at the major fashion shows in 2010, appears in straight hair is not difficult to see. Straight hair can be modified very well rounded or too wide for the face, makes people more charming and femininity. Fraction of hair is best for showing women in a mature intellectual temperament, whether matching print dresses are concise, plain clothes, can show women's unique charm.

Straight long hair--show personality

On behalf of stars: Vivian Hsu

Straight hair than straight hair will make you look more personality, show exquisite taste.

2, Liu Qi and straight hair

Barbie is a typical representative. Straight hair hair design is enduring both in design, fashion hair anyway just add dye and different pruning methods every year, Qi Liu straight hairstyles will present a different face in front of everyone, such as the 2010 most popular short hairstyles there is a reference to Qi Liu straight hairstyles approach to modeling. Mixed straight and curly hair with a straight brow bangs, is definitely to in shape. Volume mix with mix and match garment styles enjoys a popular meaning. Hair styling song straight in, straight in the song. Such a mix and match styling, better rendering based on natural, casual style, allowing more layered hair design. Autumn health porridge mix meat and egg dish is

Liu Qi--lovely

On behalf of Star: spring

Fashionable thick bangs with curly mixed hair design to highlight girls of charming and graceful aspect. Thick bangs down straight volume mix Afro look very cute, and looming straight hair has a hazy sense of beauty.

3, long hair BOB

Want this hot BOB but reluctant to trim short had long hair, fashion and so hard to balance between the heart, is struggling. You don't have to worry, soft and beautiful long hair BOB, mushroom-shaped contour decoration face shapes, fresh and vibrant. From the outside, the overall hairstyle into a mushroom shape, rounded contours.

Long hair BOB-fashion variety

On behalf of Star: Zhao Wei

To prevent hair weight bias at the bottom, gently grab the hair at the top, hair styling spray increased the top volume. Finally, Liu Haizhong, convergence with the natural hair on the side.

4, neat and straight hair ponytail

Ponytail is that every female student tried, tired of weekday shoulder-length hair thick and messy, it might be her hair up again, and a fresh and neat ponytail, return to the beauty of our childhood. Ponytail is always prepared for most confident girls hairstyles. Tail height is low, close to the neck, side ponytail looks cute, their beauty never seemed to shake for years.

Neat and straight hair ponytail--return to simplicity

On behalf of stars: Ariel

Always look young high ponytail, exposing the forehead of the cauda equina, without overhead is very bright and clean and undisturbed, better care at the same time, the curvature of the sides also modified a round face

5, witty twist braids

Black straight hair is the man most beautiful hairstyles, straight hair to create a braided style is now runway modeling and a new favorite. Braided style can also bring you a refreshing breath of summer air. Braided can highlight girl-like temperament, is classic girls follow in the summer. Straight braided is already outdated, free free is King, don't braid braid close to the scalp, loose is good.

Playful braided distractions

On behalf of Star: fan Bing bing

Braided style is also very suitable for summer hair thinning in women, wanton scattered hair don't level up, naturally fall down if you hair is too messy, you can apply some styling products. Braided matching floral print dress, fresh sweet rustic unfolds right away.

Straight hair star style in braided ponytail hairstyles beauty trends

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