LG SmartThinQ Hub smart home equipped with LCD screen

Amazon Echo Assistant equipment first intelligent voice in the field of science and technology set off a "cylinder" wind, then Google has launched a OnHub router in the shape of a cylinder. These two devices are not equipped with a video screen. Disney iPhone 6 Plus Case

Now, LG is bringing us a cylinder style device, known as the SmartThinQ Hub, is a smart home devices, it can be used as a speaker, used to play music or notice.

In terms of layout, smart home, LG always try in communication embedded product features for easy and user interaction, and SmartThinQ Hub is equipped with a LCD screen, you can display the status information and notification, allows users to view messages option.

SmartThinQ Hub is the biggest selling point of the LCD screen, some people will like the audio notification, and users who like to click to view more detailed messages should be like device on top of the 3.5-inch LCD screen. Top of the equipment designed for slopes, so also tilt the screen design, user when viewing a message, do not need to stand up and bow view.

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SmartThinQ AllJoyn Hub Compatibility Alliance's Internet platform, supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and so you can think of it as with other intelligent devices (appliances/smart phone) connected in the center console.

SmartThinQ Hub can also be an entertainment centre, at least in music entertainment center. It announced in addition to notifications, it can also be accessed via Bluetooth and play smart phone or tablet of the music, it also supports the iHeartRadio, streaming media services.

LG SmartThinQ Hub smart home: equipped with LCD screen

SmartThinQ Hub with two colors, black and champagne gold. LG are now seeking cooperation with intelligent household equipment manufacturers the possibility of expanding the scope of services of SmartThinQ Hub.

SmartThinQ Hub will be on display at the CES 2016 Electronics Show next week, when we will be able to know the price and launch date of the message.

If you look at the smart home products, perhaps you might know, LG released the end of August this year a new smart home sensor--SmartThinQ, can make any old, traditional household appliances has become more "intelligent".

SmartThinQ sensor is visually very similar to ice hockey, rich built-in sensors such as motion sensors, temperature sensors, and so on, was able to decipher some of the action to become useful information. For example, in the washing machine door is installed on the device, you can let the user know if the dress has been completed; installed on your refrigerator, how many times to let you know that the refrigerator door is opened, or if the storage is about to expire, and so on, and this information can be read through a Smartphone application-side SmartThinQ to.

Other than the SmartThinQ Hub, TV is considered by LG smart home hub. LG Electronics Home Entertainment Division Senior Vice President and head of television product planning SamKim said: "we have always seen as smart home living room TV hub, LG smart TV webOS3.0 operating system is based on this design. LG will continue to provide the best user experience, develop innovative home appliances that support networking capabilities, in order to exceed consumer expectations. Disney iPhone plus case


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