Basic matching the season hot accessories

This season, due to the retro intensified, tank bag and this very popular style purses in a paper bag, Elkington has the 50 's of last century classic handbag shapes, classic Mulberry oak color, hand, or shoulder. Alexa floral dress and mix together, but the style of England walking down the road is a little "play over" suspicion and floral skirts in addition to Alexa has "bird legs" girl, others wearing are too mundane. So, you can use the contrast effect to avoid such a situation, modern rock style is very suitable.Basic matching the season hot accessories

Chanel transparent colored pair of shoes

Chanel flagship transparent heels this season have twocolor version, than flat bottom twotone shoes, which bring more modern styling. "Transparency" has always been one of the most popular word in spring and summer, Chanel transparent elements of similar design with more elegant than we've seen in the past, but also with a playful sexy. This pair of heels can at any time in life, of course, you can wear cocktail dresses or Tweed knees skirt put on it, but seems to be less fun. Instead random, a sense of contrast under special effects, such as patterned tights, jeans and snow, in short, do not have to worry about it being pants snatched away the spotlight. Even more exciting is, its level of comfort make people happy, is also available on spontaneously form one of the reasons.

Basic matching the season hot accessories

Chanel Kang Peng shopping bag

While stars will not carry it at parties and formal occasions makes These modeling in distinctive and irreplaceable style fashion idols this season wearing Louis Vuitton this high degree of identification of the fashionable high heels. Most popular with the stars is a pair of Navy blue background feathers, almost all mirror chose this pair. So, "Spicy" undoubtedly is this quarter most Red of high heels one of, tribal wind, and decorative doctrine, and super high with are in which has reflected, without because it of complex sense and hesitated the in what occasions wear it, except obvious of various party or official occasions, day of fashion occasions certainly also can competent g clothes to "easy chic to go shopping" theme to match.

Basic matching the season hot accessoriesas long as you can bear followed by of height), and from members star of styling view, not so "red carpet" of style more can highlights this double "Spicy", in other words, Wear it with recognition is high enough and the shoes, all the clothes are simple and straightforward.Basic matching the season hot accessories

Lanvin Leopard print high heels

Lanvin Leopardprint series is a breakthrough this season, was the most photographed of all Leopard series, appearance rate here does not light means stars wear rate, more major appears in the magazine's fashion shows fashion editors love it more than the Hollywood stylist. Designer Leopard print high heels caught the Turkey blue, combined with the beauty of the wild, but didn't give up the Francestyle elegance, shoe styles are still very feminine roots and shoe designs but not too much, just to be called sexy, practical. This pair of shoes is worth the whole outfit to highlight means lowkey clothes to make it more eyecatching.

Basic matching Roman party handbags high heels

Louis Vuitton Kalahari handbag

Handbag Louis Vuitton ads will always be hot, this handbag this season by Madonna to recommend, especially popular. First of all, is it adequate capacity, makes this handbag can be as handy as possible, as everyday carry a particular plus for whole body shape. Supple Monogram Canvas exotic designs embroidered and decorated with inlaid leather and metallic leather and beaded tassels, resin and metal eyelet details of these bits, an it bag. And some of its design also can prove to us that a brandname handbags of the same flatshaped shoulder straps are comfortable and easy to use make users comfortable and intimate design, handbag design of the piece of rope on the lid opening and closing safe, secure. As for clothes, a little black dress to go with it is enough.

Basic matching the season hot accessories

Rome Givenchy open toe booties

Whether to copy all known big fast fashion brand, is the first secondtier brands, peeptoe booties are 09 spring and summer fashion accessories directory must appear on style, Hollywood girls is not a floor put on the Romanstyle boots, Givenchy proudly proclaimed himself was the originator of this popular style. In fact, it has similarities with the Louis Vuitton Spicy heelscan become the focus of the entire shape, opentoe ankle boots have a strange and fascinating sexy, but also between practical and decorative, worn by girls will find that it matches any pants are very nice. Recommended buy horse animal that one, more eyecatching and more for the occasion. So you can be the most basic printing tee or cowboy element to foil it.

Basic matching the season hot accessories

Yves Saint Laurent Cage ankle boots

Yves Saint LaurentCage short boots

YSL this Cage is also advertising this season, full of realistic style, some people cannot accept its singular sense, but it is this singularity that it makes people's eyes will be transferred from any ordinary dress. Geometric openwork shoes like a cage outline tough, handsome, rich sense of angular geometric aesthetics provides more possibilities for styling. In addition, please don't be startled by its strong profile, followed by the height and decided it would be a pair of shoes body design for comfort it walking shoes. The GossipGirl actress Leighton Meester and Paris Hilton, hot idol in public through it, with a daily wear or cocktail dress will be equal.

Basic matching the season hot accessories

Dior "Le Trente" handbag

Used people gave "good word" evaluation, celebrity love fashion Zhou Xiu OTC, airport and use it in daily life, both outside of and because of practical reasons. This series of handbags called "Le Trente", "Trente" in French means 30, on behalf of the Dior fashion house built in 1946 address at Avenue Montaigne, 30th. Is Dior handbags design emphasizes both feminine and fashionable, handbags are very broad, but well beyond soft lambskin can be made in the course of carrying out the tumbling effect. Most recommended in all colors are black, then white, and iconic classic cannage stitching on the surface decoration, whether rock or the sense of urban chic, understated aura can use it to complement. Wears a common tshirt or vest, clever mind, details and comfortable trousers could have star style to go out for a coffee.

Basic matching the season hot accessories

Givenchy "Nightingale" bag

Givenchy this only in 2006 fall/winter launched of, and was called nurse package of South Nightingale handbags is said to have forever will is the brand of IT bag, wants to when Nicole Richie play top of street took fashion idol Shi, on took with greatly small different size of South Nightingale handbags constantly out mirror, Sienna Miller is with it for has several male with, also early began with it of Olsen sisters until now still mention with it to buy coffee. This handbag is the most attractive of the lightheartedness, it can in hand, Nicole Richie has used its size more suitable to carry a small first. Can take like a shoulder bag on his shoulder, the same little Ashley Olsen was spotted at a time are straightforward "drag" on a large size Nightingale handbags shown on momentum, and handbags temperament perfectly. Feel comfortable calf leather match on old mill processed copper fittings, very carefully use a soft material lining. Recommend black or ivory, this bag wouldn't do more basic color usage is higher?

Basic matching the season hot accessories

Louis Vuitton "Spicy" high heels

Louis Vuitton "Spicy" high heels

Victoria Beckham wore it, Misha Barton put it, Alexa Chung wear it Basic matching the season hot accessories

Mulberry Elkington retro bag, Alexa Chung love carrying bag is Mulberry Elkington

Popular fashion idols like Mulberry Alexa Chung, Bayswater was recently replaced most often with her appearance is named Elkington retro handbag

Even jackets and pants are basic or high street fashion style, accompanied by an it bag landed on only two recognizable "heavyweight" heels, followed on the whole modeling fashion on the front lines. Local aspired to aristocratic Hermes LV bag is

Dressed to match the season the most important, popular accessories are very clever styling tips, today's street photography Idol know how to use it, which makes the style so popular.

Even jackets and pants are basic or high street fashion style, accompanied by an it bag landed on only two recognizable "heavyweight" heels, will follow up the whole modeling fashion on the front lines. So, to buy for spring/summer 09 's most fashionable handbags and shoes

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